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We are currently working on setting up a process to help support the global COVID-19 crisis. If you have an idea about an app, want to help out with the app creation process, or have some ideas about how to help during this time, we’ve set up this COVID-19 category.

We will continue to monitor this category and ask that this be used to post ideas, sample apps, questions, asks for help, announcements, etc. Please use that category to post all COVID-19 related content.

This community has been incredibly supportive in the past and we look forward to working together on this.


Hey I’m in if you need some help :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much @1minManager!


Hi @JCadence & @1minManager

I Hope appsheet and the community can help.

I’m currently working with a team who are crowd funding and printing a very large number of Prusa Face Shields.


We are co-ordinating via slack:


We currently have orders for 3000+ units and are in production on over 80,000 units, with more capacity being added very quickly. I’m about to set up a collection and distribution hub to manage the logistics and we are expecting to have a lot of suppliers and orders to manage.

We are less than 48 hours old and have multiple orders from UK NHS hospitals.

We’re running off a few google sheets and the data is not currently secure, neither is it easy to access/monitor. You can see the various sheets through the Slack forum. If you need a link I can get you one.

Given time I’d be able to set up a number fo apps to manage this data but I don’t currently have time, nor do I know anyone else who is all that capable on Appsheet.

I am hoping the community can help.

If we set this up correctly then it is a system that could be rolled out globally to help with this pandemic. It could help with face shields, masks, ventilators etc. It would need to be easily accessed by individuals and administrators alike, with varying levels of interaction. It’s what Appsheet is brilliant at.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Tim

I made this app in 2019 to track a disease called “Dengue” and now is being used for COVID-19 by local authorities and some epidemiologysts at DC to stay updated.

The information is collected by doctors with a basic form and with a unique tracking key they can search cases registered before and change each “status” case from SUSPICIOUS or VIGILANCE to CONFIRMED, NEGATIVE, DISCARDED or DEAD. It has a general graph “Tendencia Nacional” that shows the cases growing exponentially day by day and a tendency curve, some states and cities control filters, graphs by gender and case status.

If you’d like to have a copy of the app just leave a comment.
Please consider making a donation, I’ll leave my paypal link down below.

Greetings from Honduras, and thanks to AppSheet.

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