About the Feature Release Notes category

We’re opening up a new corner of the Creator Community to provide a brief overview of recently released features. Consider this a make-shift changelog that addresses key areas.

A few key notes on this category:

  • Features will be posted here after they have been released.

  • The content posted in this category will be the name of the release and a short description. We are not planning on including additional information at this time.

  • This category will not replace our support documentation or the Tips & Tricks category.

  • The creation of topics in this category is limited to the AppSheet team, but each topic is open for replies and linkage. This is in part to ensure that the focus remains exclusively on feature releases from our team.

This area will remain a work in progress, please let us know what feedback or questions you have. We’ll begin to add notes Monday, July 6th.


Beautiful :). This is great.

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yes. Yes. YES. YES!

Will these be in depth release notes that include bug fixes, optimization changes, new features, etc or just a place where new features are posted? While generally appsheet has been good about notifying me when bugs I have reported get fixed, would be nice to have a place with all of them consolidated so that if I notice someone else post about a bug, I can be notified when they’re fixed.

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@Austin_Lambeth that’s a TBD, but we can certainly give it a try :slight_smile:

Can you please use the month as text rather than as a number?

For example, 8 is either AUG, or Aug or August.

I find the US Date format confusing at a glance.

@JCadence, I like the new Feature Release category and have already found myself coming back to a few of the posts to quickly find info on a new feature. Thank you for keeping up with the posts!

But I noticed that none of the posts are using tag. Would it be possible to start tagging each week’s post with relevant tags for the features that were edited/added? Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 12.23.24 PM

The current format gives does not indicate anything about the post other than the date. You have to click into each post to find which features were affected.

But other categories all have tags in list view:
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 12.21.13 PM

I’m glad to see this info getting posted regularly now though. Thanks again for adding the category! :smiley:

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