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I am a new APP Sheet user exploring the platform as a potential enterprise solution for all of my customers. Is there anyone who can provide a reference as an enterprise user that has deloyed APPSheet to manage multiple mobile users that submit online & offline mobile forms daily?

I have already replied your post on G+ community regarding the same query. We have good references for that and provided you can connect us via able3@able3ventures.com we would be pleased to help. Thnx.

After going through appsheet tutorial, will I be able to build an app that will be used to capture water meter reading data from conventional and analogue water meters and transmit the captured readings to MySQL Database in the cloud to share with Customer Relation Management (CRM) Portal?

Hi, I’m new to this platform and was wondering if someone could suggest a template I could use or a guide to how to develop a differential diagnosis app with multiple query boxes to diagnose an illness with at least 3 symptoms listed. So the ability to search the entire database or limit by specific sections only. thanks