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I am a new APP Sheet user exploring the platform as a potential enterprise solution for all of my customers. Is there anyone who can provide a reference as an enterprise user that has deloyed APPSheet to manage multiple mobile users that submit online & offline mobile forms daily?

I have already replied your post on G+ community regarding the same query. We have good references for that and provided you can connect us via able3@able3ventures.com we would be pleased to help. Thnx.

After going through appsheet tutorial, will I be able to build an app that will be used to capture water meter reading data from conventional and analogue water meters and transmit the captured readings to MySQL Database in the cloud to share with Customer Relation Management (CRM) Portal?

Hi, I’m new to this platform and was wondering if someone could suggest a template I could use or a guide to how to develop a differential diagnosis app with multiple query boxes to diagnose an illness with at least 3 symptoms listed. So the ability to search the entire database or limit by specific sections only. thanks

Hello, I am new AppSheet user exploring the platform for my company’s current automation use cases. I wanted help in understanding if AppSheet can solve the below listed use cases or not, and if yes then how can this be facilitated:

  1. The Sales team uses Pipedrive CRM for maintaining all deals data. Use case: inside Pipedrive based on certain criteria like whenever a deal stays in the same deal stage for X days, then a Deal Owner should receive an auto alert email for this.
  2. The Finance team maintains a Google sheet for all the invoices they charge to our clients. Use case: Based on the type of Invoice, auto emails need to be sent to the clients for payment reminders till the invoices are paid by the Client
  3. The HR recruitment team maintains a Google sheet tracker for all the candidates that pass through the various stages of recruitment. As a candidate moves ahead in the recruitment process, an automated Candidate summary is created by fetching candidate information from various other Google sheets. And the summary keeps getting updated as the candidate move ahead.

Provided you can maintain a gSheet for the CRM data that you can import to your AppSheet App, than you can generate email workflows. However, you need to integrate some scripting or may be a Zapier Zap to control incoming data thru Pipedrive to trigger a workflow

That’s also possible with a Scheduled Report workflow

That’s also possible with a Scheduled Report workflow

May be worth reading these:

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Thanks for the Leventk for the super quick response.

  1. I have certain more questions regarding the emails as a part of workflow:
  • are the emails sent from the AppSheet server or my Gmail inbox is used?

  • If it uses the Gmail inbox then does the workflow allow all the features of Gmail like sending emails in an existing thread OR create DRAFTS in the inbox rather than sending them (as I am want to verify the emails before sending them out)?

  1. Appsheet doesn’t allow any other Data source apart from the ones mentioned in this blog?

  2. And is it right if I say that AppSheet is more of a top layer on a database to make the database more interactive and make it user friendly in terms of better UI?

  3. If you are aware about Zapier, then does AppSheet support the kind of automation, integrations, workflows possible within Zapier?

1.a) The email are sent from AppSheet’s server using MandrippApp 3rd party service
1.b) Provided you need to send the emails via your gmail account, you will need Google Apps Scripting deployed as a web-app and using its URL as a Webhook Workflow Rule’s endpoint URL

Unfortunately these are the only data providers for now

I believe you can think AppSheet as a data connector, but in general you are correct

You may want to check below docs

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Hello all,

I am a non-coder, physician and exploring appsheets as a potential solution to data problems in the physician business community.

A basic questions: How do I create a new thread on the forums?
I don’t really see a new thread buttons I do on other forums.

Thank you

Hello there, I am a new user who is trying to develop a new app for my business. What I’m trying to do is an app that my commercials can use to fill out a form. This form will be some questions about a possible future project and depending on the answer, a score will be awarded. If the final score exceeds 50 points out of 100, a confirmation message will be received. If this number is not reached, a message will be received stating that the project will not be carried out.

I have been trying it for several weeks but my efforts are completely useless.
Can anyone help me?
I will be very greatful

Does Whitelabeling include custom browser url options? I don’t mean for the app, just for the browser link

Hi @jin_zhang, white labeling does not include options for customizing the browser link, but depending on your user auth settings, you may be able to iframe the app into a custom domain page.

I’m in desperate need of newbie help.
I’ve spend countless hours watching tutorials and I’m still lost :confused:

I’m trying to make a very simple app that tracks merch sales for bands on tour by entering counts at the end of the night. But there’s no sales tracking templates where I can see how this is done and every time I start a new app I miss something and get hours in and get stuck and have to start all over.

I guess I really can’t wrap my head around expressions and actions and what you can and can’t do and what that looks like. The appsheets tutorials get frustrating because they start with an already made app and don’t really show how you build it and the functions or say “we’ll go over this in a later tutorial”…but there’s no logical process to go though the tutorials by…

I’m 100% new to this and would kill for some help from someone better experienced who can explain some thing for me.


Hi @Road_Dog_Supply_Co
What are you stuck on? Can you be a bit more specific.


Oh my gosh, thank you so much for answering!

To start…
Say I have 2 tables/sheets…1 with products and 1 with “sales” of the products.

I’m trying to figure out a way to update my “available” column in my products table when a “sale” is made.

Basically, I’m TRYING (lol) to make an app for tracking T-shirt sales at events based off counting in the shirts at the beginning (or, if somehow possibly, have it populate from last time counted) and then counted out at the end of the event…

I’d thought it sounded easy in my head, but I can’t for the life of me figure out the actions/behaviours :confused:

The hardest part is that I don’t even know the terms for what I’m trying to do or where I can look to learn them. Lol I’ve got all the time in the world to learn lately!

Hi @Road_Dog_Supply_Co
Check out the sample apps. There are a few Inventory ones. You may get some ideas from those. Also the Order Capture app may be useful. Check back with any questions you have. We are in lockdown for 4wks at the moment.

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Right after I’d posted, I found a YouTube vid with a link to one of the sample apps that’s hidden in the support section (which is kinda annoying lol) but it’s perfect for about 50% of what I want to do.

The problem is, I’m not very familiar with whatever “language” is used to create actions/behaviours etc…I’d like to learn more about those commands used so I can build on the sample… but because I don’t know what it’s called, I don’t know where to look to learn more about the function so I can build on the app…if that makes sense?

Thanks for the suggestions!

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong?

I can’t get my image links from my google drive, set to share, I copy the link for the image(s) stored in there and then try to paste that link in the product image column for the template I’m using…but then it never appears?

Am I doing something wrong?

…is there somewhere else I should be posting these questions? (Not sure how this all works)