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Hi @Road_Dog_Supply_Co
What happens when you try and load the image from within the app instead of in the sheet?
Do you have a link to the sample app you started from?
Edit again… Maybe we can switch to your new post .

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When I try to load the image from within the app, it goes directly to my camera and doesn’t give me the option to upload a file :confused: (link to base app in new topic post)

Hi! I’m new to AppSheet and have been playing around with it. I’m not sure it will satisfy all the bosses requests so maybe someone could help. We are looking for an internal ‘challenge - response’ for shipping. Essentially the employee will upload all the shipment data and then the boss can approve or disapprove and send it back. For ease of use is it possible to make home screen tiles? I have an Google Sheets document that is working ok (i’m not great at coding) but would like something that is handheld and very simple to use.