About view customize and moving another view automatically

I am looking for about following functions.

  1. How to enter only Japanese kana characters
  2. How to move to another view after 10 seconds in a specific view
  3. How to enlarge the name of the primary view at the bottom of the screen

How should I implement the above functionality?

@Kirk_Masden or @tsuji_koichi might know what you’re talking about there.

Not possible in Appsheet.

I’ve never tried this, but this option might do the trick. If not, you might be out of luck there.


Thank you for your reply.
I realized that I can’t automatically move to another view.

I tried that option but couldn’t resize the title at the bottom of the View.

The size of the text in the navigation buttons along the bottom of the screen cannot be changed.


AppSheet uses the input system of your device (computer or smartphone). In my experience, if you can type in Japanese on your device, you can input Japanese in AppSheet.


Thank you so much!I will share this tip for my co-woker.

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Thank you very much. If I wanted to limit it to kana-only input, I felt I needed to check the input style of the device. confirm.

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Thanks for your reply. The only approach I know of is using the input resources on each device.