About writing by changing that data to a different page without overwriting the original data

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There are 2 pages in a table. With student list and student transfer name. I want to change the location of the student I selected in the student list section. I want this change to be written in the transfer section, not the student list. I tried (LINKTOFORM(“transfer Form”, “firstname1”, [name], “lastname1”, [lastname])) but it overwritten the Student High School data. I hope I was able to explain. Thanks

Some screenshots of DATA → Columns may help :slight_smile:

Hello again,
All screenshots are attached.

This has helped but I’m confused what you are trying to do. You have a table of Liesesi (High school) and a table of nakil (transport). But they seem to contain the same data. So I am struggling to see firstly why you have 2 tables

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I mixed things up :slight_smile:
When editing is done on the data in the öğrenci listesi, I want it to transfer the edited cell to the öğrenci naskil without breaking the öğrenci listesi.

There are two list, Ogrenci Lisesi and Ogrenci Nakil, in Ogrenci Lisesi there is data i don’t want to change. But there have to be a change of some data but when I work on Ogrenci Lisesi these change have to be on Ogrenci Nakil list.

I’d suggest you create an action button of the following type - " add a new row to another table by using values from this row".

So that it will create a row in Nakil using data from Liesi as the initial values.

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