Access denied to Appsheet's partner program form

Hello friends, I tried to access the partner form registration and i’m getting this error message:


Does that mean appsheet doesn’t want me to apply? Sad Parrot


Same issue here! I reached out to them several times and have not gotten any response yet - which is highly unusual for the AppSheet team!

Feeling you @Rafael_ANEIC-PY !


Hi @Rafael_ANEIC-PY

I know our partner program is at a bit of a standstill for now, including this application app. We have a number of teams and internal processes we have to work through at the current moment before we can accept any additional partner applications. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, we are hoping to have this resolved in the next few weeks.


Hello @JCadence, it’s me again, back for checking how’s that’s going hehe.

Since we are in mid-April, and i really wanna give it a shot.


Hello, just checkin’ again @JCadence, i’ve looked for appsheet partnership in the blog, and got redirected to a google form, in the list of areas of interest it doesn’t include appsheet:


Am i in the correct form?

Here’s the link:


Hi @Rafael_ANEIC-PY AppSheet is part of the Google Cloud Platform. If they ask for a second selection and Business Application Platform is an option, AppSheet is also represented there.


Thanks, i’ll give that a try hehe


Thanks @Rafael_ANEIC-PY @JCadence

It’s a small thing, but it’s something I’ve always struggled with when faced with this choice.
It was refreshing to get a clear answer.

I’m rooting for more App Creater’s in South America!:hugs:


Hi @JCadence

I think that AppSheet was part of the Google Cloud Platform lineup, but recently I’ve been seeing the Workspace logo on various documents.


Does this mean that AppSheet is now officially part of the Workspace lineup?
I know it’s a small thing, but as a partner, I was curious, so I asked.




Hi @Takuya_Miyai!

Google Workspace is a part of the overall Google Cloud so you’ll see both Google workspace and Google Cloud mentioned, it just depends on the context. A good example of this is this blog post from Google’s Next event last fall. As you can see it’s on the Google Cloud blog, but affiliated with Google Workspace.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions, happy to help further if I can.

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Hi @JCadence

Thank you.
In reality, there are many cases where the sales staff of GCP and GWS are split.
Until now, AppSheet has been handled by the BAP (Business Application Platform) team within GCP.
Will the BAP team be in charge in the same way in the future? Or will the sales team in GWS be in charge of it?

I am trying to figure out which person at Google would be appropriate to talk to.


Ah, fair question. Keep your primary point of contact. They should be informing you of any changes if and when they occur. If you enter a time where you hear nothing for a period longer than expected, please let us know and we’ll work internally to determine a resolution.

Does that address your question?



I have not lost the person in charge of dealing with us as AppSheet users. I’m fine.

This is getting to be a topic unrelated to this topic, but I asked the question because we have a appsheet partner aspect to it, but no need to reply.
I will discuss Santiago and others again about sales strategy.