Access restriction

Hi there. I wanted to create a simple app. I have 25 suppliers, they provide their production waste that I recycle.
I need to store a minimum of their data such as name, address, phone number. And the only thing I actually need is to be able to see all of them, to see the map.
They should have only 1 option, except for the opportunity to fill in the personal data. They need to write to me, how many trucks I can send to them for their materials and when.
They must not see each other info. All they can do is fill in the personal data and choose the day when 1-2 cars will reach them.

So the question is about the access restriction. I saw that shipment tracking template, but it doesn’t seem to have different access levels. Also, it has some extra functions I’d like to delete. Can smb help me with that?


If your app has sign-in enabled (, you can then use a security filter based on the user’s email address to only transfer and show the relevant data. To access a user’s email address in the app, you can use the expression USEREMAIL() (check

More details are available at to help you set that up.

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