Access to the start expression list

Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement some interaction with the <> expression to be able to access chosen parts of the list.

<<Start: OrderBy([Related Table], [Param1], [Param2], false)>>

<<IF: [CurrentRecord].[Param1] != [PreviousRecord].[Param1]>>
This record is different to the previous!

Thank you for your reply but what I’m asking for has nothing to do with updating a column, this is to do with the “start” expression used in template documents and trying to compare items in that start list.

Define “previous” as in *PreviousRecord".

This is just my assumption but with the start expression it creates and populates some form of standard programming list or array and is then using some form of for loop to cycle through that list and fill in the the template document with the relevant fields each time. “PreviousRecord” would be a reference to the array entry before the current one.

An excel document contains numbers 1-10. The start expression is populating the template document with those numbers, when it gets to number 5 I want to see what the entry before it is. “PreviousRecord” would be a reference to the entry before number 5 which is 4.

Ah, thank you for the clarification. No, this isn’t how the <<Start>> expression works. There is no way to index the elements of the list generated by the <<Start>> expression.