Accessing column without a primary key

Hi all,

I have 2 sheets in my backend - Orders & Products .

My Product sheet has only 3 columns - Product Name, Country & Price.

In Orders sheet, I’m storing the response of a form where I take ‘country’ and ‘product’ as an input. Now based on this input, I want to get the price of the product for the input country.

Please help me to write an expression to get the price of the correct product. Please note that the price of a product is unique for a ‘country-product’ pair. A same product is of a different price in different countries…

I have already used Lookup & Select but not getting desired result. Kinldy help!

@Aleksi Please help.

Wrote this formula but not getting desired results–

ANY(SELECT(Products[Price],CONCATENATE([Product - 1], “:”, [Country])=CONCATENATE([Product Name], “:”, [Country])))

[Product Name]=[_ThisRow].[Product Name],

To be used as the formula in Orders[Price]

Assumes you have Orders[Product Name] and Orders[Country]

Also check out -

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