Accessing related tables directly: In this ap...

(Keith Winston) #1

Accessing related tables directly: In this app, you enter a Location, then Add any number of Inspections in the Related Inspections part of the Locations Slideshow screen. When you create an Inspection, you can then add any number of Photos in the Related Photos part of the Inspections Slideshow. I hope that’s clear enough. The issue is: when you enter a new Inspection, you have to save it, which dumps you back to Locations, and then re-enter it, to see that you have the ability to add photos: the “Related Photos” section doesn’t appear before then. Not a big deal for even mildly experienced users, but confusing for newbies. Is there some way to change this? Thanks! Sorry for an imperfect problem statement.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Keith_Winston Make sure you have IsPartOf set to true. See this example:

(Keith Winston) #3

Ah, thanks: I haven’t read your link, I will, but I know I’d left it false – I’ll read the post and experiment. Thanks for the tip, super helpful. I wouldn’t have expected that connection.

(Keith Winston) #4

Hmm, just copied the app: it sort of needs reworking, imho. As I add rows, there’s no gallery or anything to see them all. And since I can’t see them, I can’t delete them, so I can’t see the cascading deletes feature. And of course I can only see what’s what by looking at View Data in the editor. If I get a chance I’ll try to add a gallery or slideshow or something to play with all that, but seems like it ought to be in the example? Otherwise it’s a little hard to tell if anything is working.