Account ID: 96757. My admin app (assets and c...

(Kim Harford) #1

Account ID: 96757. My admin app (assets and currencies in menu) returns empty columns. I have this problem before (unresolved) with my larger app (cancerdata web view), but hope to resolve it in a small app first. I have tried to set the column type to number, digital, etc. The exchange rate shows in the first column called Exch rate (which has a simple googlefinance formula), but not in the second column called Exchange rate Jan (which has a more complex google finance formula shown in image)?

(Philip Garrett) #2


I am not sure I am looking at the the right app, table, and column.

Can you provide the following: 1. The exact app name. I looked at “Admin-96757” but I am not sure that is the right one. 2. The exact table name. 3. The exact column name. 4. The exact steps to repro the problem.