Account using Google deleted by appsheet?

I tried with multiple Google accounts and only the one I used to create some app tests have issue…

The page says “Sign in with Google” feature has been temporarily disabled for this app.

Did AppSheet delete my account?? Have I lost all the work Iʼve done??


Hi @mat_ino! Welcome to the forum!

I think this is the issue you have experienced:

Thanks & Sorry wrong manipulation… I re-write…

I saw this post dated since October 2019…

So AppSheet is unusable for an unlimited period of time…?

Do you know how can I recover the app I created?

I’ll try to help. I’m just another AppSheet user – I don’t represent the company – but I’ll do what I can.

I don’t think that AppSheet deleted you account. I suspect there some sort of problem logging in.

Did you try to going through the steps that are listed with the accounts you are having trouble with? I hope that will resolve the issue.

Thanks for your help!

Iʼm not sure what steps should I follow?

There arenʼt any options when I try to log with my main google account.

I tried with 3 other Google accounts and they all work fine but I donʼt have access to the apps I created on my main one…

I see. I may not have enough knowledge about this particular problem to help. Perhaps my friend @LeventK or someone else from the community can. Another possibility is to write to about the problem. Then you could get a response about the specific account your are concerned about.

Even if an app has been deleted . . .

Perhaps @Phil can help with this problem. Good luck!

Perhaps this thread would help you:

@mat_ino Please send an email to, thanks.

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