"Action 3" appears in App actions but not in behavior > actions

I have four system generated actions that I see and can edit in behaviors. In the app on records appears: URL, edit, and a mysterious Action 3 which does nothing. I set Delete to hidden. I can’t edit or delete Action 3. What to do? :thinking: Thank you!

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System actions cannot be deleted, just hidden.
If you want to control update access on table, you can make it here:

Can you share a screenshot of this one ?

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Thank you, Aurelian.

App Deployed

Asa new user I can only embed one media per post, will do second post.

So, I successfully hid Delete in Behavior > Action, but, as you can see, “Action 3” is not represented there. I will follow your lead to Data > Tables…


EDIT Behavior > Action

On this last panel, can you share screenshot of the action 3 ?

it’s above in first reply to you. I have all the same settings as yr example in data > tables.

I meant: in the app editor

both are above and there’s this search result in behavior > action

Wow, weird !!!
Never seen that before, I thought you were missing some information, for any reason.

Well, it’s clearly a bug. I suggest you contact Support here:

Hello! Try this: in the “grant_opportunities” view editor, in the card view edit, select the three vertical dots and the three options will appear (open url, Edit and “Action 3”). Select “Action 3” and assign it an action (it can be edit or delete or any other) and then assign the value “None” to the same action.
This is a bug of the editor that even if you don’t assign an action to it, it will show you that “Action 3” thing. When you select “none” it will disappear.

Okay! Thanks, some kinda ghost there, will send this to Bugs, much appreciated! :raised_hands:

That’s the thing - selecting Action 3 results in nothing.

This is because in that mini menu you can only choose 3 actions, but if those options are “blank”, then sometimes the editor computes the blank options and displays them. There are no “Action 1”, “Action 2” and “Action 3”, rather they are a kind of Slot to manually place other actions, whether from the system or created.


I didn’t think about that option.
I learnt something today :+1:
Thanks !

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Okay, so, I use iPad Pro 11". Does that have anything to do with the mini view? How would I make the options blank? And, do I want them blank? Scratching my head…

Do this: go to UX, find the view of your table that is causing you problems, go to the editor of the “Aka Layaut” view, click on the three vertical dots and you will see the 3 options. Select option 3 (Action 3) and in “On Click” select an option other than “None”. After this select the option “None”. Any other first, then “None”. Then the option will disappear from your application.


I know it is confusing and that maybe I am not expressing myself well (my native language is Spanish), but it is also true that this topic is a “mini bug” of the Appsheet editor, so the Appsheet developers should also take a look .