Action Add a Row - Fired From Workflow

I’m creating a change log, or temporal, table. I setup a add new row action and it works fine when triggered from a action button. However, when I attach it to a workflow fired on any change, it doesn’t work. Any input would be appreciated.

One way is to tie the action to the explicit change of a specific column - use _THISROW_BEFORE and _THISROW_AFTER to detect the change and trigger the action.

But with the workflow right… I want it server side, not app side…
So, drop a change column in there, and then trigger off that…

What do you mean by server side - data change workflows are processed server side already.

Just making sure… It’s just strange, why won’t it trigger since I have it set on all changes? Why would I have to specify one change column to look at?

There is a lot of functionality that is undocumented in this action/workflow scenarios. I recently found that row level actions and non-row level actions cannot be grouped.

I don’t know the answer but the only way we can be sure is via sharing what works in this forum !!

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