Action: Add a Row to a Table

Actions are manual ways of interacting with your data, allowing app users to visit a URL, start a phone call, see a location on a map. Actions also allow for quick data changes, or creating a new row of data in the data table for which the Action is associated. Until Praveen’s recent feature announcement, it was not possible to use an Action to add a row of data to a different table.

Now, by creating a new Action and specifying which separate table data should be added to, and defining each column added, rows of data can quickly be updated and moved across all tables in your application.

Start by visiting Behavior > Actions > 'Add New Action’

This setup shown below produces the effect of copying the Email and Course values from the student table, and using the TODAY() and TIMENOW() expressions, to log the Email, Course, current date and time as a new row in the attendance table:

This example can be seen live in this Attendance Tracking application for the classroom. With a single Action click, student details can be logged for historical record:


Thanks, @Peter! We have been achieving this using database triggers, the downside to this is that the user needs to be online for this to occur. Does this new functionality work offline?

Hey @Octfolio_Seb - yes this should work offline just like a data-change action or any other data add/update. It will sync the update once back online.


Oh Great!

I was using Google Apps Script for the same functionality.
So, now I can get rid of the script running at Google sheets.

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Excellent new feature. We, too, have been using work-arounds for this.

I implemented the new action type and it works as expected, but consistently get the error message in the attached picture. If the user clicks the action again, it works fine. What is happening?

There is no row with that key…

if i group this together with an edit action(edit second), will i be editing the new row, or the original record?

I see the bug with this new feature, mentioned in this post (3 weeks ago), still hasn’t been resolved.

Any news on when initial value formulas will be able to make use of the values set by this action?


Great functionality, I was waiting for this for my customer!

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Is this something that could be used to populate a call log table without the need to ref two tables?

My experience is: You should newer use DateTime as your Key column. The best Key is always a Text column with UNIQUEID() as the initial value.
Especially in this situation it COULD happen that 2 users add a record at the same time. That would be rare, but possible. So you should not use DateTime as a Key.

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