Action and Expression

Hello again,
this is for weekly payroll.
from the dynamic list of Names in my parent table, i am trying to combine all the names in 3 different employee role columns and then pick up the name that hasn’t been captured yet to put in the payroll table.
my plan is to create an action that will automatically compute all the pay for each name. the payroll table has a spreadsheet formula that will compute all once name is dropped in name column.
so far this expression is giving me one name continuously . How can I get an action to fill all the name in payroll table, either in single or bulk action?

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Do you have this Payroll table imported to your app?

yes LeventK

Firstly you need to ensure that, all columns except the ones that will be filled by action does not contain any formula in the Spreadsheet formula property of each column’s column structure. Then check out these posts: