Action: App: Go to another view within this app

Attempting to bring along a value from the row I’m tapping the action button from to the form view.

For example, I’ve got a Deck view of a bunch of colors. An action button in the row is set to App: Go to another view within this app. The other view is a Form view of a different table. I want to be able to click on the action button in the “Red” row and Red will default appear in the “Color” column of my Form. Apologize in advance for such a simple question.

btw…the “Color” column in both tables is set to Text. if that matters. Also, I would like the Color field in the Form to be uneditable. The user will have to go back to the Deck view to select their color in the form.

Just so I’m clear on the syntax here… in the Action > App: Go to another view in this app > Target field…


Note: my action is in the Action bar of the row - Deck View.
So this should take the color from this row, jump the user to the Form view and the Color column value will be prefilled? Do either of the columns have to be of a special type? Right now I have them both as Text and it’s not working.

Your syntax is not correct


Thank You! I was just testing every other combination and then came back to this thread and found your reply! I got it to work with [_THISROW].[Color] as the second value. Now I see that this is the value that the linktoform is “bringing along”. This forum is awesome btw! Glad to see others are working on a Saturday! :slight_smile:

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OK. I got cocky and now trying to bring another value over. Both are showing up in the form but when I save the form these two columns are empty. Some setting I need to check?

OK. Through trial and error I finally figured it out but would love to hear an explanation for why this has to be this way.
I used the LINKTOFORM in my action. It brought over the 2 values from the row just like I wanted it to. But in order for the Form to capture these two values they both have to be editable. I’m trying to make it easy for the user by bringing the values over and also stop them from screwing it up by limiting the editability of the form to just the crucial elements.

Set Editable? to the expression, FALSE.