Action: Append list with value by setting values of a column

Anyone have any luck with using the “set values of column” to do append an existing comma delimited list in a column?

Table 1 contains:
Column A, an enum list type column

Action: [Column A] = string4 + [Column A]

Expected result:

Column A

Any problems with running this action? I have not been successful.


SPLIT(CONCATENATE([Column A], string4), ",")

string4 will have to have the comma added already, or you could add it in the CONCATENATE. But this should get it back into List form for the Enum.


([Column A] + LIST(string4))
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Thanks. I get a very strange phenomena when I use [Column A] + LIST(string4)

As I progressively append this list using the action and add strings together, my delimiter becomes longer and longer. I preset [Column A] delimiter as a single comma (,) but this happens:

B-qvgqp516,B-xgvwjrpj , B-b02xkvdd , B-0mv87xig

If the formatting is important in any way, my suggestion might eliminate it.

Thank you, @Bahbus your expression did not result in the expansion of the delimiter.

So I was trying to append a string from the key column of Table 1 onto the existing enumlist of strings in Column A of Table 2.

I had to use 1 grouped action of two different actions: namely marking the key column on Table 1 using the action type “Data: set the values of some columns in this row” and sending a signal to Table 2 using the action type “Data: execute an action on a set of rows” with the reference action type “Data: set the values of some columns in this row”

Reference action on Table 2 for Column A:

LIST(MAXROW(“Table 1”,“Last Updated”,[Last Profile] = UserSettings(“Profile”))

Now that it works, I have to figure out why it is executing so slow. I press the button, and the app freezes for 4 seconds.

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