Action based on 2 tables' data

I have 2 tables.
Table 1 (Scan In) - Date,User ID,Product ID
Table 2 (Scan Out) - Date,User ID,Product ID
Table 1 - Will not allow user to scan in more than 1 product until it is scanned out (This part is set).
I would like to remove the row in ‘scan in’ and copy the data to a different sheet if the ‘User ID’ + ‘Product ID’ matches in ‘Scan Out’ which will allow me to scan in the same User ID again.

Still learning Appsheet, new here.

It sounds to me like you want the Scan In table to only include one row per distinct (User, Product ID) pair, so it essentially records only the latest scan-in for the pair. But you want to keep a historical record of scan-is in another table, hence the desire to copy the existing row before accepting a new scan-in.

The easiest way to approach this is to use a workflow for the Scan In table that responds to row adds, that copies the newly-added row to the other table. This would keep the historical record current with the very latest scan-in, rather than one behind. For this to work, the Scan In table should have key column values that consist of the User and Product ID column values, so that every scan-in by that pair get the same key column value.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

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Say I have 3 tables, and i want to copy data from Tables 2 & 3 to table 1 and delete that data from the respective tables based on column value.
If Table 2 [Column 4] = Table 3 [Column 4], then perform the copy and delete. If you have any sample app link, that would be great.