Action button alert

I am having a approve button for Department head
I am opening the application in two different tab ,Department head approve the record in one tab and status for new record is approved .
But,i can again approve the same record in the another tab ,to avoid this i need to give a alert for the Department head as the record is already approved
Can suggest any solution to over come this ?

What do you mean with this? Can you elaborate?

You can simply set an expression to the Only if this condition is true property under the Behaviour tab of your action:


This will basically hide your action button if the column is not blank for any particular record.

Leventk ,Actually i am using the same expression ,

But ,i am using delay sync in my application ,If i open the record in to different tab ,in one tab I have approved the record ,but in another tab i can again able to approve the same record .

if i click the action button in next tab it should give some alert .

Can you please elaborate what do you mean with “…opening the record in different tab…”?

I am opening the application in different browser,i am approving the record
But in another browser ,i can able to approve the same record again.i need to give some alert.

When you open the same record in an other browser tab, it possibly fetches the page from the cache. You need to sync the app in that tab first.

Is there any way for auto sync the application in background??

Nope. The server auto-syncs data every 30 mins but we don’t have the flexibility or a setting to change it.