Action button display name bug

I’ve seen this a few times now. If one enters a value into the Display Name field for an action, but then later deletes it, the actual displayed name still remains as the old entered value, instead of defaulting to the action name.

This bug is of similar nature to a number of different small bugs I’ve seen as well, like action names within workflows not sticking around upon initial saves. Perhaps they have similar causes.

Steps to reproduce, with respective images:

1. create new action, save

2. enter a value into Display Name field, save

3. delete value from Display Name field, save

Yep. To work around, enter "" as the display name expression.

I have a more proper fix that should fix this particular bug so you will no longer have to use Steve’s workaround. The issue is that we were not clearing the expression when you clear the input and save.

It should be released later today. Thanks for the report.