Action button group

Hello everyone

need help in action is it possible?

I have many action buttons in view so I want to make them in the group and after one click these groups will saw me all action.

hope you all understand thanks a lot.

that’s my design if you have a better suggestion than I m happy to try it.


I m calling this tricks like cutsom confirmatoin, or custom pop up whatsoever.

User hit actoin button from source detail view and bring them to the aother view, where we placed anything, like the inline actions etc. At the same time, we place button to bring them back to the source view where they came from.


This is rather simply tricks.

On your source table, add the number of virtual column with text type. Add the app formula with the strings as you want. Like action name or so.

Then migrate the action button location to inline position, and pick up field (vc) name where you want to associate each action.

Make a two slice.

(Slice 1) First one is without those VC.
(Slice 2) Another one only WITH those VC.

Create action to move the detail view of Slice 2, with linktorow() deeplink expression. - This is displayed in detail view made out of slice 1

Create another action to move back to detail view of slice 1 likewise wiht linktorow expression - This is displayed in detail view made out of slice 2.

This trick will be able to clear up the top of the detail view, wihch is sometimes over-attractive due to the number of action icons.


thanks mr. tsuji koichi…

that’s a perfect trick but I want the group spread in that’s particular view instead go to another view.

if this will not possible then definitely, I will use the above valuable suggestions.

I dont understand what you mean with this.

@tsuji_koichi gave us this Tip. Maybe this is helpful for your case?


thats the perfect i finding


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