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I would like to go straight to a view from a menu button. I can do this from an action button in a detail view but how do I go to a view by clicking on a menu button at the bottom of the page?

I have a view for a call list but want to create a short cut from “My call list” as shown in the pic.

thank you

What’s preventing you from doing it?

Clicking “My Call List” takes me to the “My Call List” view which is a deck view. How do I redirect it to the other view that I want with LINKTOVIEW(“Custom Call List 5”)


You could remove the current My Call List view entirely and rename Custom Call List 5 to My Call List?

Hi Steve,

Unfortunatly not as there are different views for each user.

There is view in the menu where each user creates a call list for themselves based on USEREMAIL(). The short cut is to take them to the relevant call list quickly. I was going to use an expression IF() USEREMAIL() is then go to custom call list 5 etc.



I have attached a pic of the detail view showing how the call list is created with a button to take the user to the correct list. I have configured it this way so all users can see each others and head of sales can determine other peoples lists.

the expression for each list is

OR(AND(IN( [County], SELECT( User Assign Details[Counties To Include], [Unique Id] =“Call List 5” ) ),IN( [Outlet Rating], SELECT( User Assign Details[Outlet Rating], [Unique Id] =“Call List 5”)),

IN( [Price List], SELECT( User Assign Details[Price Band], [Unique Id] =“Call List 5”)),

[Next Call]>TODAY()-200,

[Assign Outlet to User]=USEREMAIL(),[Assign Outlet to User]="",[Assign Outlet to User]=“NONE”)),

AND([Assign Outlet to User]=USEREMAIL(),[Next Call]>TODAY()-200))

I can change the “my Call list” slice to the same but based on USREMAIL() but everytime I cange the call list expresssion I have to rfigure out how to get the same exact result but with the current USEREMAIL()

Th is is what I had in the My call List Slice but it didn’t result in the the same slice. I thought it would be easier to just redirect to the other one.


AND(IN( [County], SELECT( User Assign Details[Counties To Include], [User Id] =USEREMAIL() ) ),

IN( [Outlet Rating], SELECT( User Assign Details[Outlet Rating], [User Id] =USEREMAIL())),

[Next Call]>TODAY()-200),

AND([Assign Outlet to User]=USEREMAIL(),[Assign Outlet to User]="",[Assign Outlet to User]=“NONE”,

[Assign Outlet to User]=USEREMAIL(),[Next Call]>TODAY()-200))



Let’s get this out of the way: you can’t put actions in the bottom navigation bar or in the main menu.

The typical way to accomplish a custom list like you appear to want is with a view to a slice.

Thanks Steve,

I’ve actually copied and pasted my old slice and edited it and it works now.


My suggestion is this:

  • Create a deck or table view on top of the Full List table table. Group by Unique Id, then by _ROWNUMBER. This view gives everyone visibility to all other lists. Put this view in the main menu.

  • Use a slice for just the current user’s list. Put this view in the bottom navigation bar.

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Just an aside to you original thing, you can put every view in the main view section as “left” and hide certain views based on user instead of a linktoview(“users view”) and have all views display name be “My Call List”. I use this for app where I have a mobile and desktop version that may or may not want to be used on the other platform. I put the appropriate version in the main view and the other version in the menu and hide the views based on device type.

For your overall purpose I suggest Steve’s option much MUCH more but this is good for like 2-3 different views that you wish to display in the main view section on a per user/per other situation basis.

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Hi Austin,

That worked great. Thank you


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