Action button to add a new record with one click?

Simple app to do event logging by a machine operator. We only have a few event types but the operator does not have the time and attention required to navigate through a form. I created an app with dropdowns but it takes five clicks to add a new record. Can I create a few action buttons that each add a unique record with one click (Only needs 2 expressions and 2 constants - see below)? I have been looking for an example for hours with no luck.

Fields: TimeStamp,“Event A”,“EventType 1”, UserEmail

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Yes, I believe you can do that with an action of type “add a new row to another table using values from this row”.

In the action, just set the table to add to (even if the same table) and then add the columns and the values to assign.

If you need more help with getting this action to display, just post again here.


Fantastic! I will give it a shot. Your help is much appreciated.

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