Action Button to be linked to Image Column

If I have image column, and I need to have an action button to link to this column once press to take photo, same for Annotate (drawing0

Also if I have Note to add for column (Long text)

How to define this in the action section

Actions cannot “link to” columns. What are you trying to accomplish?

It means that Appsheet has no feature to have actions to take photo, make note, annotate on drawing, etc., I guess it is good to have such options

Not sure what you are saying… basically Appsheet has ALL you mentioned.

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Please look into my topic at start for better understanding what I am looking for.

Sure AppSheet have all features, I am looking for the feature to add action button to execute these features on the columns I assign for the same.

If I m correct, you want to create an action attached to each row, which will initiate “taking photo” targeting a image type field on the same table/row?

In addition to usual process to take photo, i.e. just hit the camera icon within image type field?

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Exactly that is what I am looking for, also for drawing, and longtext columns…

so I have buttons to make direct actions rather than to use edit.

I believe you can do with using slice.

Let s say we place overlay action in detail view and hit that button to start to take photo to add image to that row?

Do you have example for how to do so, if you don’s mind

I dont have a sample unfortunately, but my app in my brain is actually running ! haha.

I appreciate to translate this into physical sample… I do believe it will be useful actions

Workaround could be simple enough.

You create a slice just two fields (to make a complicated story easy), just image and drawing type fields only out of your table.

Create the form view out of this slice.

Make sure set this image field come on top followed by the drawing field. Also make sure image fileds is mandatory field.

Set the UI option, apply Advance forms automatically turned ON.

Create action, go to another view within app type.

Push linktorow deeplink expression, targering FORM view made out of this slice, [ID] = [_thisrow].[ID], that is filter apply to deeplink expression.

Place that action button as overlay

By this set up, once the use hit action button, the form view with image + drawing filed only form view will opens for the SAME row you are on. Once the form view is opened, the device (mobile) native camera is automatically activated, the user immidiately ready to take a shot.

Make sure to apply the finished view of this form view made by slice will be original detail view, so that the user will get back to the same detail view after taking photo through another form view.

Thanks a lot for your clarification, I will work out on this and advice accordingly!

Yes, take your time and make your hands dirty to get it done. Let me know how it goes.