Action button to create a draft email using parent/child data

Quick overview of the app: the parent record is a person who is a lead for our business. The child records are 1 or more consultants on our team who can help this lead. After talking to the lead we assign consultants. I want an Action button that will start an email with the names and email addresses of the consultants listed.

I am wondering if there’s a way to iterate (loop through child records) in the “Body” section of the Action in order to list the consultants in that draft email. Or if there’s another way I should be thinking about accomplishing this. (I am avoiding the action <> workflow interaction using the EmailsSent example in the documentation because we usually customize the email quite a bit before sending).



@LeventK that’s awesome, thank you! I had not come across the start expression before in the documentation.

I guess there may be two parts to my question because in the Actions section there is no template option so the start expression returns an error:

Can this only be accomplished with Workflows? If so, and I want a draft email, I presume I would likely have to create a document I could copy/paste out of. Unless there’s a way to push template data directly to the clipboard so that it could be pasted into an email body.

Where do you use the start expression??

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Behavior > Actions > New Action > Body.
Here’s a larger screenshot: