Action button to email PDF Template

I currently have a kitchen food order report that is automatically emailed every day at end of business as a PDF template. Instead… I would like to change this to having a “send” or “submit” action button that that my team can click when they are finished inputting their order quantities. just need to email to the same 2 people every time. I want it to use the PDF template I’ve already created. Pretty new to appsheet so please detail process as much as possible

Hi @billjohnson
Have you checked out this doc


Yes. I have read it.

Sending Email from an Action Button

You can use an Action button on the app to perform a data change. As a result, a single click of an Action button in the app can trigger a customized Email message that is sent to one or more recipients by the AppSheet backend service. You can label the Action button to make it clear that an email will be sent when the Action button is clicked.

The “Orders” table and the “On Change in Orders” workflow rule illustrate how to send email from an Action button. It works as follows:

  1. The “Orders” table includes the email column “Email” and the numeric column “EmailsSent”.
  2. When the user is viewing a row in the “Orders” table, they can click the “Email This Order” Action button. That increments the value in column “EmailsSent”.
  3. The workflow rule “On Change in Orders” is triggered on the ApppSheet backend service each time the “Orders” table is updated. It uses the expression below to determine if column “EmailsSent” has changed. If so, it generates an email and sends it to the email address contains in column “Email”. AND(ISNOTBLANK([_THISROW_AFTER].[EmailsSent]), [_THISROW_BEFORE].[EmailsSent] <> [_THISROW_AFTER].[EmailsSent])

This explains how it works but how do I add to my app?