Action button to Related Table View

I’m not sure if I’m using the right language, but I have some table relationships set up and working the way I want, but instead of listing the related tables, I would like a button that would go to the same spot as if I hit “view” on the bottom of the inline related table list. In the example below, there would be a button that said “Schools” and another for “District Directory”, but those inline reference tables would be gone.

Hopefully that makes some sort of sense! Thanks in advance.

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The button would be an action of type App: go to another view in this app with a Target expression of:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("Schools_Inline", [Related Schools])

Note that I’m guessing on Schools_Inline; you’ll need to identify or choose the desired table view.

That sounds like exactly what I need, but I am getting this error. The name of the related table is Schools_Inline like you guessed. I’ve tried it with multiple inline references and tables and keeping getting the same error. Thoughts?

It seems from examples that I could find that the [Related Schools] portion needs to reference something, but I’m not sure what it is supposed to reference?

Example: LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Schools_Inline”, [Related Schools]=?something?)

Just not sure what to put the ?something? spot!

Well, I kept messing around 'till I got it to work. I’m not sure exactly why this works yet, but it is starting to make sense:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Schools_Inline”, [Related Schools]=[DISTRICT].[Related Schools])

I think in this case [DISTRICT] is the name of the reference row? But I also have a table named DISTRICT. I think it would make more sense if I had a better naming convention.

If time allows for someone to explain what is going on in the syntax, I’d love to hear it just to grow my understanding. @Steve Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction, as always!

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I’m not sure why that works either, haha. I would have gone with:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Schools_Inline”, [District]=[_THISROW])


@Marc_Dillon That worked, too, but your solution is much more straightforward and I think I can actually understand why it works. It looks like I somehow figured out a way to do it a roundabout way but still end up at the same result. I have a few more of these to put into this app and I’ll use your expression syntax for sure!

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