Action button to send email template to current record

What are the steps for creating an Action that sends and email template to current record? I created the email template and the action but I’m stuck at setting the Action’s “Referenced Rows”.

Hey @AdemarN

  • I think you mean you wish to send a notification to someone with details from the current record?
    • Like an email with all the data?

@MultiTech_Visions thanks for the detailed explanation! It’s the second option you described that I need. Ok then I got that there is now way off triggering it without using a custom field. I’ll go ahead and implement it that way than. So did you say that the action needs to blank the field before sending the email? I was thinking of having it blank the field after. But I guess there’s no harm in having it blank before.
Thanks again!

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(^_^) You’re welcome!

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