Action button to send message on WhatsApp

Please relate an action button to initiate a WhatsApp message similar to the send sms option available now

SUBSTITUTE(“á%20este%20é%20o%20número%20de%20contato%20do%20WhatsApp%20da%20FaPetSitter”, “seunumerodetelefone”, [Celular])

where do we put this expression…

and what does this mean in the expression “seunumerodetelefone”

I suspect the gist is that you can send messages to WhatsApp using WhatsApp’s public API. You’ll need to research how to do that.

The expression for portuguese, Brazil


This works…for general users u must replace “55seunumerodetelefone” with your whatsapp phone no.

@Aleksi @Steve how do we add variables in such an expression…the below is the message that directly appears in the chat box…how can we customise it to our table


how do add variable data so that message created will pull data from the Google sheet

Try something like…

This expression opens whatsapp and the correct persons chat…but the message is empty and no data is taken from the sheet…

please help

You need to read the value from your record in the same way than the phone number like…




But I need the message to contain variables from the row in question and create a message with it’s contents

Aleksi’s example includes variables from the row.

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Hi everyone!
Should this work on any app if I just copy and paste and change “55seunumerodetelefone” for my phone number? What else should be changed¿?