Action buttons not showing on form

I have a view and under the Behavior option I have If row selected to go to another view
That view is a Form. The form is based on a slice that does have all the actions added to display.
I know the actions work because they work in other views.
The actions are not showing up on the form view.

Action buttons do not display in Form-type views.

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That is too bad, I hope that will change.
My form has tabs and every other views is just a long list of fields…that is what I have to display to the users I want to show “actions” to, like approve and deny

I would not hold out for this to change.

What’s wrong with having the actions display in the Detail views?

I’ve posted a Tip about making a “tabbed detail view” if that helps you at all.

You can also set columns to be quick-editable in detail views.

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I created 3 slices with views (the 3 I have on my form). I created a dashboard view with each view in it.
I am designing for a desktop. The view ends up being 3 big boxes - 2 on the top one on the bottom.

The actions do not appear to work…

The goal is to have a form the user can approve… not a view of a long list of fields. The only way I can have an action is to display the detail, which is the fields they need to see in a long, long list.

What action? Do the buttons show up? What does it do instead?

So you need one data input from the approving user? I typically set this up as an Action, and not force the user into a form view.

You can set exactly which fields to show or not to show, and in which order, in any view.

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Imif i use the form I cannot use action buttons so I’m using detail now so user can see actions

On a desktop the form view is a much better way to look at the data, But I can’t use it. I need the buttons