Action Buttons to show in specific views

Is it possible to allow for action buttons to be for specific views only!

If yes, how to do so?

Thanks Steve for your reply, but if I have two views one is named X and the other one Y

I need to show the actions some of them in view X, while not to show in Y table.

Note both views are based on same table but with different views.

Read the doc I posted.

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I got your point, I thought based on your example it is limited to the view type.

Thanks for your time, perfect

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i have an open orders deck view. if i click on the item then the open orders form opens with all the fields. i created a post form to show only specific fields and post the credit/change status of the orders. i created a button to post. i want to go to a specific form that i created called post form. i chose app: go to another view in this app. target: linktoform(“post form”). it takes me to the right form, but it’s creating a blank/new form. i want to edit the original open order deck view item. can you help?

You need to use LINKTOROW() instead of LINKTOFORM().

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