Action called through "Execute action on a set of rows" doesn't run

My client has an app which her Technicians use to know when,how and which pools to service. Each Tech can generate his/her daily Route through a button (using a gallery view from a “Menu” table). Each “CLIENT_POOL” has an ASSIGNED_USER_UID (which refers to the tech) and a Service Day (which is used to know on which Day’s route to add a visit for this pool). The Route generating button should do two things.

  1. Create a new Route entry in the ROUTE_MASTER table (which works fine)
  2. And then, it should select all of the currently logged-in Tech’s assigned Pools and schedule a Visit to each one of them for this day’s Route (based on the pool’s service day). (Doesn’t work).

Now as a method of debugging, i’ve added confirmation dialogs on each of the 3 actions to see which one isn’t running. The “Create Daily Visit” action on the “Client Pools” table, doesn’t seem to run at all.
However, the Referenced Rows condition seems to return the correct results on which that action should be executed. What am i missing here?

Action Group called upon clicking on the gallery button:

Create Route Action :

Add visits to route Action :

Row filter condition for this action :


Create Daily Visit action (not running) :

What am i missing here?

I would guess the row filter expression for Add visits to Route is producing no result.

What do you base that on?

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Hi, I based it on the fact that in my database, there are two Client Pools with a service day of Monday (changed the service day today) that are assigned to me (currently logged in user). These pools have a UID of CLIENT_POOL_129& CLIENT_POOL_250.

When i run the row filter expression test, these are the results:

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I’m at a loss. :frowning:

I encourage you to engage for further help on this one.

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Thank you, i just contacted them. Hopefully they’ll be able to help out :slight_smile:

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One thing little different in the action setup is

  1. The reference action “Add Visits to Route” is having referenced table as CLIENT_POOLS and referenced rows expression is also on CLIENT_POOLS table.

  2. However the referenced action is “Create Daily Visit” is set on the third VISIT_MASTER table via CLIENT_POOLS table.

The more common set up for referenced actions that I have come across is between two tables -parent and child. Parent table action is as in the point 1 above. However referenced action is directly on the child table. So the referenced action is of type "Data: Set the values of some columns in this row"on the same table rather than “Data: add a new row to another table using values from this row.”

Of course, the action set up you have made could be possible. Will request if possible, if you can post back solution that the AppSheet support team will give.

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The SELECT() expression in the action “Execute on a set of rows” was not reading the key column. Then it didn’t work.

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