Action changes Decimals to Numbers


I have submitted the following bug report on Google+:

When I execute an action through a workflow and change a value in a row, the fields with a formula are computed wrong. It seems that decimal values are rounded to integers. When I open the same row in the form view, they are computed again, but the right way now

You asked me to sent more information about the bug. Do you have an idea what is causing it?

Kind regards,

(Steve Coile) #2

It would help to have more details on what your action does specifically. I’d guess whatever it does is generating Number values, not Decimal values.

(Philip Garrett) #3

Hi Stan,

I replied to your bug report four days ago. I wrote:

I think there is probably a bug here. It appears that the client and the server are calculating the decimal value differently.

I created a very simple test case. While doing that I discovered that the following AppFormula for column “durr” will avoid the problem.


It works by ensuring that each of the values being added is a decimal value.

If you modify the expression in the way I described above, it should circumvent the issue.



Sorry, I think I missed that email.

But thank you, I’ll implement it.