Action - Data: Execute an action on a set of rows


Can someone explain or point me to an article which explains with an example how this action works. Basically I want to delete all rows from Table B where the Date column value in Table B = Date column value in Table A of the record I want to delete.

In other words, when I delete a record in Table A using the Delete button, I want all rows in Table B to be deleted using the above condition. Been trying to use the “Do This” Data: Execute an action on a set of rows…but not able to get it work

Tried with _THISROW() but does not work

Maybe you wish to take a look at the reference actions. The below sample app adds to values in the child table but similarly you could use “Delete” action in the child table. In general, the number of records o be deleted in table B should not be very large as multiple delete actions( one for each row in table B) could take a long time to execute.


Thanks so much Suvrutt

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