Action Data set the values of some columns in this row not working on all my apps

All my apps that uses an action with “Data set the values of some colums in this row” is not working. It initially shows the changes but when it syncs it reverts back to the original one.

Can you give me a bit more clarity about the issue then i can help you

Across my apps, when i use the said action type in my apps, it initially changes the value of a column data, but upon sync (or i should say manual sync), it reverts back to the original value before the action is performed.

If you are doing this in a detail the column will revert to its original Value

Oh. Was this an update? So what is the proper way to do this if I need to update a certain value?

When i had this problem i figured it out

For that i have used Actions and updated Manually and it is working fine for me.

Hello, please explain, does this action not work on a detail view?