Action Delete Row generates not specified confirmation message

Hi, since a few weeks I see the following issue:

I have defined an grouped action for table-1 with a sequence of 3 actions.

  • delete a row “Data: execute an action on a set of rows” with Action “Delete” for another table-2
  • add a row to this table-2
  • go to another view

Everything worked well 2 month ago. Starting around New Year (surprise, surprise !) the first action now generates always a confirmation message for “Delete” although this is not specified in the behavior tab. If I explicitly request a confirmation message for the “Delete”-action, I have 2 messages.
I can confirm the message with the yes-button and still the workflow operates as wanted.
As the confirmation message can not be controlled it will confuse any user. And the message is completely misleading.

Thanks for any hint

If you turn off the confirmation property of the system delete action, the problem will be solved.

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Hi LeventK,

brilliant, thanks a lot. Works perfectly.

You’re welcome