Action "Do this" Drop Down Feature Request

Hello AppSheet Super Heroes,

I would like to request a new feature on the Action “Do this” drop down list.

It would streamline my processes a lot if an “Add data from this row to an existing column in a different table” feature were available instead of having to choose to add a whole new row. This makes things kinda messy and cumbersome when I have 5 or 6 actions and about the same number of workflows in operation.


Wesley Whitaker
Nimble Transport

Good morning Steve,

Thank you for your input. I appreciate your hard work.

I just noticed that I never specified that I would like to have the column be set from one table/view to a different table/view, not for the same (existing) table. I was not communicating well. Sorry for my ambiguity.



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I believe what your asking for is the same as this? if so please vote on it, everyone needs this even if they don’t know it.