Action don't show up in table view

Hey guys,
I’ve an action to execute an other action on a set of rows and the symbol don’t show up in table view (like the Add or Edit System-Action).
I’ve no behaviour in this or the linked action, just a confirmation.
What I am doing wrong?
Hope you can help me! Lost already a lot of time for the reasearch and testing.
Kind regards

Hi @Open_YourEyes does it show up after you select some rows?

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Hey Lynn,
I can see the button in the “Detail View”, can also run the action when I select some rows by clicking on it. This workflow is okay for just a few rows of data, but not for 20+ rows.

Hi @Open_YourEyes Do you have a checkbox that you can select and then

select the rows you want to action.
select the box in the bottom pic first.

He @Lynn,
yes, as you can see in the image.
I need the database button (detail view) like your add button in the table view

You can’t set an overlay prominence for an action on a table view (like the add button)

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You can s

et it to display prominently but not overlay

It will show up top like this or you can click on the three dots top right corner if it is not displayed prominentlydisplay%20action2

Yes, exactly, still can’t see the button in my table view. Also with “Display prom.” option.