Action external: open file bad request

Hi there.
Just today I have started having an issue when using an action to open a file from OneDrive. It has been working perfectly up until today.
I have a text field with a document name.
The action uses External: Open File to open the file using a concatenated path and .pdf.
The document exists in OneDrive and has worked beautifully.
Now when I try to use it I receive a Bad Request on the desktop and it does nothing at all on iPhone.
Other actions are working for me just not this one.
This is critical for my apps to be useful. I want to deploy these apps but now i’m concerned about this functionality failing.

Could be below is related to your issue?

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Thanks mate, that is exactly what the issue was.
So forgive me for being a bit slow but how do we do it properly now to avoid this?

I have turned off signing for now so that it works for the users but I would prefer to work within the security settings.

In the case of this app it doesn’t really matter if the user figured out to change the URL to get to a different file.