Action failed because [column] is required despite [column] having a value

Hello Everyone,

I am having an issue where an action is failing when attempting to edit a row. It is saying the [Plate] column is required even though [Plate] has a value.

Screenshot of Error:

The action does not fail when creating a new row - only when editing a row. [Plate] has a dereference initial value and is set to Reset on edit. The action is successful when Reset on edit? is OFF. Seems like an easy fix, but I require it to be ON.

Screenshot of Database Columns:

Screenshot of Traffic Log Columns:

As you can see, there are other columns that have a dereference initial value. The only difference is that some rows in the Database table don’t have a [Plate] value and must be manually entered.

Screenshot of Action:

Screenshot of Traffic Log Form:

Screenshots of Failure Process:

Sorry for all the screenshots - I felt that it would be the easiest way to explain the issue.

I have a feeling that this may be a bug, but what do I know. Any thoughts or ideas?

Thank you for your time,