Action failed because [column] is required despite [column] having a value

Hello Everyone,

I am having an issue where an action is failing when attempting to edit a row. It is saying the [Plate] column is required even though [Plate] has a value.

Screenshot of Error:

The action does not fail when creating a new row - only when editing a row. [Plate] has a dereference initial value and is set to Reset on edit. The action is successful when Reset on edit? is OFF. Seems like an easy fix, but I require it to be ON.

Screenshot of Database Columns:

Screenshot of Traffic Log Columns:

As you can see, there are other columns that have a dereference initial value. The only difference is that some rows in the Database table don’t have a [Plate] value and must be manually entered.

Screenshot of Action:

Screenshot of Traffic Log Form:

Screenshots of Failure Process:

Sorry for all the screenshots - I felt that it would be the easiest way to explain the issue.

I have a feeling that this may be a bug, but what do I know. Any thoughts or ideas?

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Still hoping for suggestions or alternative solutions. Thank you.

Hi @Kal_Man
What happens if you use text for Plate instead of a number?


Assuming the error occurs when attempting to add or edit a row for the Database table (since you didn’t specify)…

The ID column is the row key column. The row’s key column value cannot changed after the row is saved the first time. It appears you’re trying to use a Form Saved event action to convert the ID column value to uppercase. The Form Saved event action is actually applied after the row is saved. Since the row has already been saved, the event action cannot do what it’s attempting.

Fix that problem first and see if it fixes everything else.

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Hi @Lynn, same error with text or number entered. Thank you.

Hi @Steve, the error occurs when attempting to add or edit a row in the Traffic Log table. I should have specified that. My original post says that the error only occurs on edits only, that is false, it is for additions as well. Thank you.