ACTION FAILED popups on actions that shouldn't be running

Hello! I have an app that coverts raw data from one google sheet to line items in our order system. The raw data contains two types of line items, production line items and stock line items. My action, “Import Order” is a group of two actions: “Import Production Items” and “Import Stock Items” that run on each row of the raw data. I set behavior restrictions on each sub action to determine if the row is a stock or production item and only run if it is the appropriate type. It functions great, stock items get copied to the stock line items sheet and production items get copied to the production queue sheet. HOWEVER, if only one type of line item is on an order, meaning the other action won’t actually get fired off, I get a popup saying:

Action Failed

Could not set value because column Qty would become blank and required.

Everything imports just fine despite the action… any way to fix this??

In generally it means that the value that you are trying to save with the Enum filed is not valid. If the value is correct but not valid, please check what options you have chosen for the Enum filed… like is the “Allow other values” set as ON.

The field is not an enum, but I figured out a work-around. It involved some nested actions but basically I have to actions identifying what group of rows to take action on and splitting the two off from there. It’s a little bit of a heavy solution but it gets the job done.