Action Fails based on required_if column

I have two columns: “Timecard Approved?” and “Reject Reason.”

The Supervisor reviews individual timecards and if anything is missing, they hit an action button - “Reject Timecard” - which sets the “Timecard Approved?” column to “Reject.”

This was working as expected until I set the column “Reject Reason” to required if “Timecard Approved?” = “Reject.”

This now prevents the action from firing and shows the following error message once I hit the “Reject Timecard” action:

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 2.53.30 PM

Is there a workaround for this?

What do you expect to happen when the action executes correctly other than recording “Rejected” value to the respective column?

That’s the only action - set value of the column to “Reject.”

Try this expression with your Required_if

	[Timecard Approved?] = "Reject"
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Levent, I tried this expression. It allows me to set the column as “Reject,” however, the “Reject Reason” column does not become required as desired.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 8.01.10 AM
If I’m understanding the expression, it’s saying require this column if the view is a form and timecard approved=reject?

Since the view type is a Detail, I guess it makes sense the column isn’t required since both conditions aren’t satisfied?

Just to clarify, I want to be able to hit the “Reject Timecard” action button setting the “Timecard Approved?” column to “Reject,” and I want the “Reject Reason” column required if “Timecard Approved?” = “Reject.”

I believe it’s not possible to enable quick edit for a required column in a detail view


I would suggest this:
1.) Create a slice of this record’s table which contains the [Key Column], [Timecard Approved?] and [Reject Reason] columns only. Set the slice to ADDS_AND_UPDATES mode only.
2.) Add a REF type FORM VIEW and assign this slice as a base table.
3.) Set Finishing View to TASK DETAIL
4a.) Set a Show_if expression like below to your [Timecard Approved?] column

    CONTEXT("View") = "Your-Ref-Type-Form-View-Name",

4b.) Set an Initial_Value expression like below to your [Timecard Approved?] column

	CONTEXT("View") = "Your-Ref-Type-Form-View-Name","Reject"

4c.) Set an Reset_if expression like below to your [Timecard Approved?] column

CONTEXT("View") = "Your-Ref-Type-Form-View-Name"

4d.) Set an Editable_if expression like below to your [Timecard Approved?] column

NOT(CONTEXT("View") = "Your-Ref-Type-Form-View-Name")

5.) Re-set the Required_if expression for [Reject Reason] column

[Timecard Approved?] = "Reject"

6.) Change your action button:

Do this > App: Go to another view within this app
Target > LINKTOROW([KeyColumnName], "Your-Ref-Type-Form-View-Name")

7.) And lastly remove [Reject Reason] from Quick Edit

This will simply launch the table’s Form View with Edit mode, reset the [Timecard Approved?] column’s and assign the value in the Initial Value property, your [Reject Reason] field will be mandatory to fill in and form saved.


Levent, thank you for taking the time to come up with this! Wow!

I had to roll the app out so I simply changed my “Detail” view to a “Form” view. I’ll have to try this very clever workaround on the next iteration of my app.

Again, thank you!!!

You’re welcome