ACTION Fill a specific cell in another table

Hi everybody,

I am new to AppSheet and I am still learning. I am moving forward with my App but I am sometimes stuck for hours on the same issue. Even by looking for solutions around the web …

Here is an issue I’ve been dealing with:

I need 1 cell (from a reference table) to get the row number of the form the user is filling.
To do that, I created an action “When user complete this cell in the form, then send the row number to the cell in the reference table”.

But everything I tried didn’t work. Both on the action trigger side (when user complete this cell in the form) and the action itself (send the row number to the cell in the reference table).

It would be awesome to have some help from you, dear community.

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Can you perhaps explain why you want to capture the row number of the form just submitted?

I want to capture it, because I need to display results of formula (in this same form), based on a reference table that needs the row number of the selected form.

Example: I am completing the form, I am at question 3 and I am asked to select the apartment in a dropdown list (from another table with more info in there). I select the “Apartment B” (row n°4), the next question depends on the result from the reference table. The reference table will change completely depending on the row number of the apartment selected.

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Sounds like you would find references and dereferences useful:

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Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for your answer. I’ve dived in many of the Help available but am still stuck. I lack technical knowledge, but I am sure, it will come by spending more and more hours reading and checking articles on Appsheet.

Everything seems easy in my head, but as soon as I want to implement something, I don’t know how to make it happen.

Example in the screenshot. I want that after a question,
1.Users fill the info if it doesn’t exist yet. To do that, I guess that if the user answers “No I don’t have the data”, he should be redirect to a view that will help him filling this missing data into the right table. However, even after implementing this action, I am not redirected to the view I’ve created.

The long form will need this info to display formula to the user along the form. That’s why I need this info to be sync as soon as possible. (And not at the end of the survey).

I would be grateful if could give me some insights, how would you implement this scenario ?


I’m afraid your needs are beyond what I myself am prepared to provide at this time.

Oh I didn’t expect it was that hard. How would you process this issue Steve, if you were in my situation ?
Is there another way than asking here ?

Best regards,

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My specific concerns stem from a) your intention to uses slices, b) the need for multiple saves, and c) the need for navigation actions. None of this is wrong, mind you, but I would consider it advanced–much more than a typical first-app solution. Given that, I’m concerned that you would need a lot of guidance, more than I myself am willing to commit to. I’m happy to help piecemeal, but I’m just not prepared to commit what I fear would be a significant amount of time.

I would suggest considering simplifying your design to something that doesn’t require as many advanced methods. Once you’ve proven a basic app, upgrade it with new, more-advanced features.

I’ve changed the way to operate. I don’t need to reference a specific cell anymore.
How ever I think I am facing a technical issue. I will open a new thread because it is not related to this thread.

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