Action Group LINKTOFORM(). Am I able to have...

(Kyle Grieb) #1

Action Group LINKTOFORM().

Am I able to have a group perform multiple LINKTOFORM()? I have two actions linked in a group action, performed by a save action. The first action executes correctly, but the second action is never performed, switching the order does not change the results.

TableA > Save > Action:{LINKTOFORM(TableB} > LINKTOFORM(TableC)} > Action:LINKTOFORM(TableD)

Each action flow works when set as first but not as a group.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

When you use an action that needs a save before continue, it will stop the process and that’s why your 2nd action won’t be triggered.

(Green Gorilla) #3

I tried this … the way I saw it was that the second action would try to trigger when you are in the wrong form… both actions were triggered from Form View A, say, but once action 1 is complete, the focus of the app is Form View B, and the second action can’t trigger from there…

(Kyle Grieb) #4

Am I able to pass arbitrary KV pairs in any expression? Have a LINKTOROW()&“ColVC=Value” HTML encoded so that view can pass to another on save including values designed for next views?