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hello to all
I created an action button that adds a row of data to another table.
I would like to hide the button once pressed but if I go Only if this condition is true :o how to set the formula because the value “cleaning” is not in any column.
in addition to the “cleaning” button, I’ve created three more.
with this form when I press “cleaning” also the other 3 actions are not shown.
I tried as recommended by [Aleksi] but not work NOT(IN([ID],TableName[ID]))

I’m not sure what you mean by this. You are showing that you are updating a column with the value of “CLEANING”.

As Aleksi points out you can check for the existence of this row in that other table. Maybe you need to enhance it to look for the record where Service = “CLEANING”?

Try this:

    IN([ID], SELECT(TableName[ID], [Service] = "CLEANING"))

TableName is the name of that other table.

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Thanks a lot!!