Action Icon Color Format Rules on Cards

So, this is specific to the Card view.

On Large Card view, highlight color gives a little bubble (for some reason), and text color colors the icon. You can also control the size of the Action Icon with text size.

On List Card view, however, no format rules apply to Action Icons at all. And also, these icons and the 3 dot menu icon should be default white on dark background.

And lastly, on every other view (that I’m away of), it is highlight color controls the Action Icon color. I won’t bother with a screenshot for that.

So, I would like to see List Cards at least be updated to match Large Cards, and preferably that formatting Actions Icons works the same way across the board regardless of view. @morgan is the only one I know that works on UI stuff, so tag, you’re it. Oh, and though it doesn’t matter one way or the other, is it intentional that List Card _Inline views don’t have any padding around each item?

This piece is still happening by the way. It only seems to affect when there is a single action rather than multiples. @Arthur_Rallu