Action Icon editing in details view

I was able to edit actions and action icons in primary view but I don’t see where to edit them in details view. Specifically I would like to remove SMS ability for phones that do not text. I understand that that can be turned off in Columns but I have a column called Prefered Phone where I need to be able to have that option show in Details View.

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Have you tried setting the SMS action condition something like below

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Yes I am using that to test if mobile phone is blank. But I have a column called preferred phone which may or may not be a cell phone. I need to be able to optionally turn that SMS icon on or off. I can’t see where those icons or actions can be manipulated in details view.

So do you mean you wish to turn off the SMS option if the phone is not a cell phone. Could you update what are the possible contents of the column [Prefered Phone] ?

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The preferred phone is simply the number that the user chooses to use. It may be cell or a landline. I need to be able to put that sms icon if needed.
This is easy on Primary view but that functionality is not found on details view.

Joe Gitta,

Could you elaborate on why you mention so as above?

In general, if there is a difference in pattern between the digits in cell phone and the landline number , I believe it may not be possible for the app to know to differentiate so as to assign an SMS action or otherwise.

So the difference could be number of digits, initial digits being specific or the data entry pattern being different between a cell and a landline number that can be used to assign the SMS action /icon.

Alternatively the user could be asked to select between an enum option of cell and landline while she/he enters the preferred phone. So based on this enum selection , the SMS icon/action could be displayed.