Action in card view layout photo

i config action in this view and layout and it’s not work, why?
all action not work except go to detail… can someone help me with this?

Hi, would you please take few printscreens for example from your view definition, thanks.

you can see the app// you have permission…

Are you able to see that action when trying to select it on the Card view’s definiton?


But clicking the image doesn’t open that email action, correct?


@morgan Any thoughts?

Hi @Accountfix_bank, thanks for reporting this. I will investigate this today and get back to you with updates.

Hi, Do you have answer for me?

Same issue here… The action buttons aren’t working as expected. I set action 1 and action 2 in the Card View and save. They are meant to open forms.

When I execute either of the actions it takes me to the detail view instead of to the form.

What kind of deep link formula are you using with your actions?

I don’t use deep link… can you please get in my app and check?

Sure, please give these details
#1 - Account ID number
#2 - App name
#3 - View name where this action is
#4 - Give the access to check your app from My Account > Settings

I am using a deep link:
Action 1: Link = Create a New Journey
Action = LINKTOFORM(“Key Milestones Form”, “Created”, TODAY(), “Life Domain”, [Life Domain], “Commitment”, [Plan ID])

Action 2: Link = Create a New Action
Action = LINKTOFORM(“Weekly Actions Form”, “Created”, TODAY(), “Life Domain”, [Life Domain], “Commitment”, [Plan ID])

If you’re able to check mine as well, I’d appreciate it. My app is back in prototype status at the moment, because I don’t have active users. But I’ve been a paying customer for 2 years plus. If you need to me to reactivate my subscription I’m happy to do that.
Account ID: 141441
ThrivifyPro 3
View = Compass

Account ID: 1181311

View Name - צור קשר - מלא

I give access

Thank You.

I have the same issue, even native default actions seem all to invoke only the detail form of the underlying table! In previous version, Card type view works fine.